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About Mission Myanmar

Myanmar is located in south-east Asia between Latitudes 09 32 N and Longitudes 92 10 E and 101 11 E. To the west are Bangladesh and India. To the north is China. To the east are Laos and Thailand. In the south and west are Bay of Bengal and Andaman sea.

Approximately 85 per cent of the population follow the Buddhist philosophy. Myanmar is famous for its golden Shwedagon, the world's biggest pagoda.

The first missionary to Myanmar (then Burma) was Adoniram Judson of American Baptist Mission in 1813. He dedicated his whole life to Yahushua Messiah for the people of Myanmar, translating the Holy Scriptures into Myanmar Language (Burmese), authored Burmese Grammar and several books before his death in 1850. One of his words of the mission was so touching that it dwells in the hearts of Myanmar believers forever…“If it’s not for Christ….”

Yahuweh has blessed the nation of Myanmar with about 5% believers (Christians) of the nation's 55 million population and are composed of a great diversity of ethnic groups. Main ethnic groups are Kachin, Kaya, Karen, Chin, Mon, Bamar, Rakhine and Shan. This diversity makes the country culturally very rich with many different languages, customs, traditions and dresses.

Yahuweh continues His blessings upon the people of Myanmar with a number of nationally and internationally renowned evangelists, pastors and preachers, whose sermons or teachings are freely available on this website.